AILI INDUSTRIAL, the manufacturer and exporter specialized in construction machinery. 

AILI has stronger processing ability than other suppliers in China. Every main spare part on the machine is processed by AILI. Also, AILI has his own R&D center to work for designing, engineering and testing. With the strong processing ability and R&D center, AILI can also help all customers to design and produce customized machine as what they want.

Main products are as following:

Light Construction Machinery: Mini Excavator, Tamping Rammer, Plate Compactor, Power Trowel, Concrete Screed, Concrete Cutter, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Vibrator, Vibrator Shaft, Frequency Converter, Water Pump, Road Scarifier, Mortar Sprayer, etc;

Steel Processing Machinery: Steel Processing Robot Machine, Steel Bar Cutter, Steel Bar Bender, Steel Straightening & Cutting Machine, Pipe Bender, Tube Bender, Steel Thread Rolling Machine, Automatic Stirrup Bender, Steel Curved Machine, Channel Steel Cutter & Bender, Angle Steel Cutter & Bender, etc.